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Canterbury funding rounds open

InternetNZ is running a new funding round. Providing over $100,000 to projects that will improve the Internet in the Canterbury region. Applications close January 05, 2015.

NetHui 2014 wrap up

We've done the maths, added the sums up and talked to the right people and nowe we've done a wrap up of NetHui 2014. 

Wifi art thou?

InternetNZ's Dean Pemberton is in South East Asia. He's found that hotels there are offering unmetered open access to wifi. And he's impressed. You can read more on this here.

Election '14 and the Internet

InternetNZ has prepared a paper called "Election '14 and the Internet" and released it to the public on 28 July. It sets out some thinking on seven important issues facing the Internet, and then outlines important questions those involved with making or debating Internet policy need to think about in developing their approaches to those issues. The paper is available here, and we welcome your feedback.


Latest submissions

Submission to the Commerce Commission: New UBA Variants Issues Paper

18 July 2014

Cross submission: Further Consultation on issues relating to determining a price for Chorus’ UCLL and UBA services under the Final Pricing Principle

30 April 2014

Content Contribution to NetMundial on evolution of the IG ecosystem

07 March 2014

Submission to the Justice and Electoral Committee on the Harmful Digital Communications Bill
21 February 2014



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