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InternetNZ funds community projects to further its objects and goals as a charitable, non-profit common interest society established to maintain and extend the availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications in New Zealand.


Event Sponsorship

InternetNZ has a limited budget available for sponsorship purposes. Sponsorship is available for events in New Zealand that help bring about our Objects and mission.

If you are organising an event which might be a good fit for us to sponsor, please complete the application form.

Please be clear about the date, location, aims and focus of the event, targetted audiences, how the sponsorship can help the event happen, other sponsorship sought/received, and how it fits against our criteria (fit with our Objects, community impact, outreach value for InternetNZ, your track record in producing events).

Applications for sponsorship for events to be held 1 April to 30 September 2015 are now being considered.  Applications for events from 1 October to 30 March 2016 are also being accepted but decisions may not be made until in 2015.


Current Funds Status

2014/2015 Community Grants

Community Grants will be awarded through funding rounds in 2014/15.

Applications for Community Grants funding round focusing on Community Projects, as well as applications for grants to support Conference Attendance up to $5,000 per grant are currently open until 16 October 2014.

In December 2014/January 2015 there will be a Community Grants funding round focusing on Internet Research, up to $20,000 per grant, as well as accepting applications for grants to support Conference Attendance up to $5,000 per grant. A detailed timeline, criteria and application process information for this round will be published in November.

If the timing of these rounds is an issue, we can accept anytime Community Grant applications for up to $5,000 for Community Projects, Internet Research or Conference Attendance, please contact 0800 101 151 or email for more information.

Details of current balance and projects funded provide an indication of the amount and nature of community initiatives we fund.


General Grant Criteria

Grant applications must:

  • support outcome/s that meet at least one of the Objects of the Society;
  • have a demonstrable benefit to people in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands;
  • be “future focused” and not retrospective;
  • demonstrate a clear element of public/community benefit in the outcome/s;
  • not lead to any pecuniary gain for any organisation or individual outside normal employment or contract compensation;
  • set out the output/s that will be delivered in return for the grant, and the outcome/s the output/s are seeking to bring about;
  • set out in particular any proposed international travel or hospitality uses of grant money;
  • be used for the purpose stated and no other purpose. Acceptance of the payment will be deemed to confirm that the Grant has or will be applied accordingly;
  • not be for a speculative venture;

The following will be taken into consideration:

  • multi-year commitments will be considered;
  • The ability of the applicant to carry out the project, including their track record;

In addition:

  • Grant applications are accepted at any time.
  • Grant applicants that are from organisations with public and transparent reporting and accountability requirements will be preferred, over grants to individuals.
  • Grant applications can be for the “total cost” of delivering the outputs, which may include administrative or overhead costs.
  • A report that details the outcomes of the Grant must be provided by the recipient at the completion of the project, and if the grant is substantial or for a long term then during the period of the grant as agreed.
  • There is no maximum amount that may be granted to an individual organisation.
  • We don't generally fund local community Internet access projects directly. Instead we fund our strategic partner, the 2020 Communications Trust, who do good work in this area. The exception is where we can help testing or prove a model that will inform rollout to the rest of the country.
  • Funding requests for designing, building and/or operating websites are generally not accepted. The exception is where the website is part of delivering an outcome aligned with InternetNZ's objects.


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