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Hills, Holes and Poles: Chris Roberts

25 Nov 2014

Our project is called Hills Holes and Poles and we saw all three yesterday.

Hills, Holes and Poles

25 Nov 2014

This is the first blog for Hills, Holes and Poles, an InternetNZ supported project to look at  innovative rural broadband projects solutions and template them for other communities. This sees the pair of us - Chris O'Connell and Brendon Burns - travelling initially to see South Island innovators.

Our first port of call was Dale Roberts of GoWireless, who is the major importer/supplier of wireless equipment.

Why we love community grants round: Canterbury edition

25 Nov 2014

As part of our mission to work alongside the Internet community of New Zealand, we help fund projects that go towards making New Zealand’s Internet better.

Every year we invest $500,000 in community projects, research projects and conference attendance as well as our strategic partners. We do this because we are the stewards of the .nz domain for New Zealand. Part of this responsibility means we are in the position to provide funding to the community to benefit the New Zealand Internet.

Why we're fans of Open Source

05 Nov 2014

The New Zealand Open Source Awards are happening on 12 November at Te Papa (you can purchase a ticket for $45 by emailing and InternetNZ is a proud sponsor of them. But we thought it was a good opportunity to elaborate why we support and celebrate things Open Source.

Bouquet to Chorus

16 Oct 2014

Frequently when people ask “is anyone else seeing this” questions on the New Zealand Network Operators Group (NZNOG) list they get a large number of replies, but in a case over the last week, a company at the centre of the concern has demonstrated to the industry how to handle these sorts of technical queries.

InternetNZ and the new National Government - where to for the Internet

02 Oct 2014

I've been thinking a lot about the General Election results and what they mean for the Internet in New Zealand. 

First off, we want to congratulate the National Party on their win. We've had a largely positive and constructive relationship with the National Party, particularly in the last year, and we respect Amy Adams as a Minister. We look forward to having an equally constructive relationship with her this term, or with whomever holds the ICT portfolio next.

NetHui South

22 Sep 2014

New Zealand's Internet forum, NetHui, is coming to the South Island in November. 21-22 November in Christchurch will see a gathering of South Islanders interested in shaping the future of the Internet's development, and applying the opportunities the Internet presents to shape Canterbury's future development.

The Greens and the Internet Party

18 Sep 2014

Our third post profiling party election policies deals with the Green Party and the Internet Party.

The Greens have released a fairly comprehensive ICT policy (which can be read in its entirety here: (warning, PDF). Obviously the Green Party takes the ICT sector very seriously and they’ve done some good groundwork in preparing this, including crowd sourcing thoughts about their policies.

Certain uncertainty

18 Sep 2014

Things often come in threes - last week was no exception. One of our team members spoke with an international investment group keen to understand the current telco regulatory environment in NZ, read the submissions made on the Commerce Commission Final Pricing Principle (FPP) determination along with a letter from the Commission about the FPP process and finally there was the Appeal Court's judgement and associated media regarding the Chorus appeal on the Commission's Initial Pricing Principle (IPP) determination.

National and United Future

16 Sep 2014

In continuing our scan of ICT policies from the major political parties in Election ’14, this post looks at the National Party and United Future. Again, our goal in these posts is not to be comprehensive, but instead offer a scan of particular highlights. If you’re keen to know more, check the links – otherwise, we have also received survey feedback from a number of parties, which is available here: /news/blog/2014/Political-party-survey-responses